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St. Lawrence complete parish hall project

By KATIE LEFEBVRE, Globe staff reporter
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CARROLL – The first phase of the Our Second Century Campaign at St. Lawrence Church in Carroll is now complete.

The addition of a parish hall, family rooms, restrooms, a covered walkway and a narthex to the church is nearing completion.

“It is beautiful,” said Father Timothy Schott, pastor at St. Lawrence Parish. “I think our experience, insofar as we’ve already used it, is that it is highly functional and it is serving our needs.”

Construction began Sept. 1, 2010, and the supervisor for the construction was Badding Construction of Carroll. They did some of the general construction and lined up the subcontractors for the project. Nick and Tony Badding are parishioners at St. Lawrence.

“As much as possible, we used parishioner-owned companies,” said Father Schott. “It is their parish. I expected them to and I believe they did take great pride in building this for their own parish. The attention to detail and the quality of their work reflects the fact that this is where they worship. I think they want this to be a pretty stellar showcase, addition to Carroll.”

Other companies who were part of the project include: Drees – geothermal system and mechanical work; Anderson Roofing – roof work; Lohrman – electrical work; and Ken Janning Terrazzo – tile work.
The name of the parish hall is Collison Hall in honor of Richard and Maxine Collison Family Trust. They gave a major gift to the Second Century Campaign.

The parish has been able to hold a few functions in the new parish hall now that it is complete. These include funeral luncheons, a waffle breakfast and the bridge group has begun playing there every week.

The new addition will also serve as a place for parish dinners, fundraisers, religious education, youth activities, ladies guild, etc. The family rooms will be used for weddings and as a staging area for processions such as first Communion and confirmation.

The pastor commented that each time he walks into the new building he notices new details and “how well designed it is in terms of function and beauty.”

“I give credit to the architects. I think they did an excellent job of finding architectural features in our present church building and incorporating them into the new building – Romanesque arches, brick work, location of the windows,” said Father Schott. “They successfully connected the front door of the rectory to the front door of our church. They built a building that connects the two existing buildings in a way that the existing buildings are more beautiful now than they were before.”

Phase 2
The second phase of the campaign will begin Jan. 2, 2012, when the interior of the church will be refurbished with new paint, new flooring, refinishing all of the woodwork, a new finish on the pews and geothermal heating and air conditioning. The stained glass windows will also be upgraded.

The plan is to have the refinishing done by Holy Week. While the church is being redecorated, Masses will be held in the parish hall.

“We have been working with all of our contractors to get that scheduled,” said Father Schott. “We think it is possible.”

A dedication is slated for May 2012 when the whole project is complete.

The campaign
The project all began in May 2007 with a parish assembly to think about a five- or ten-year plan for the parish. Areas that needed to be worked on were identified.

“We realized that all of them required more space,” said Father Schott. “For those things to become possible, we would need some multi-purpose space that was connected to the church. We wanted to position the parish to do some ministering we haven’t been able to do very well until now.”

Another reason for the improvements was to prepare for the parish to celebrate its centennial in 2014.
In the fall of 2008, Walsh and Associates of Burnsville, Minn., were hired to conduct a feasibility study and capital campaign.

“We were very pleased with them. They did an excellent job for us,” said the pastor.

In October 2009, the parish began the capital campaign which took 10 weeks. Their goal for the campaign was a minimum of $3 million and $3.3 million was pledged. Of the $3.3 million, $2.6 million has been collected thus far.

“Next year, 2012, is the final year of the three-year pledge period,” said Father Schott. “People have been very generous and prompt in honoring their pledges. We haven’t had to borrow any money yet. Our goal was to get this built and to have it paid for by the time it is finished. So far, we are on track.”

The co-chairs for the campaign are Urban and Jane Knobbe, Matt and Peggy Greteman, Phil and Michele Phillips and Denny and Joan Rutten. There are five committees who worked with the co-chairs. The heads of those committees are Stephena Kallemyn, Dick Lees, Deacon Tim Murphy, Denny and Terri Vetter and Cam Janson.

“I had an outstanding team - the chairpersons and the team plus the parish secretary, Sue Seidl, who kept us all on track and took care of all the details and records,” said Father Schott. “During the construction itself, I really depended a lot on three parishioners, who were up here every day to keep an eye on stuff and keep things moving along.”

Those parishioners are Matt Greteman, Ron Hannasch and Clayton Broich. The pastor said that these men know a lot about building and “they were a God-send to the whole project. They know what to pay attention to.”

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