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Diocese announces the recipients of the 2012 Bishops Scholarship

By MICHELLE DELANEY, Globe staff reporter

It was a hard decision narrowing down the applicants to just two graduating seniors to receive the Bishop’s Scholarship to attend Briar Cliff University, but Brian Dentlinger and Rachel Warnke rose above the rest.

Brian Dentlinger is the son of Joel and Sheila Dentlinger and currently attends Kuemper Catholic High School and is a member of St. John Church in Arcadia. Out of his siblings: Amy, Maria and Matt, he is the second oldest.

“It’s an honor being chosen from the whole diocese,” said Dentlinger. “I was surprised because there were so many other qualified applicants; you never expect to be chosen from so many people.”

Dentlinger said he plans on majoring in biology. He will also be supporting the Charger blue on the court, as he will be playing basketball for Briar Cliff.

Dentlinger said there were many reasons why he chose to attend Briar Cliff University next year, including how nice the campus and faculty were during his visits. He also went on to say that, Briar Cliff being a Catholic college was a key factor in his decision since he was raised in a Catholic family and currently attends a Catholic school.

Rachel Warnke is the daughter of Bret and Linda Warnke. She is also the second oldest out of her siblings Alex, Nolan and Ty. Warnke, who will graduate from Odebolt Arthur-Battle Creek Ida Grove, said she plans to major in biology and psychology while at Briar Cliff. She is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Ida Grove.

Warnke is not the first member of her family to choose to attend Briar Cliff. She has had an aunt, uncle and two cousins attend BCU. She has visited the campus a lot and said that it makes her feel at home. While attending college, she plans to become active in campus ministries.

Warnke grew up in a religious family. She has two aunts that were nuns in Dubuque. She said that they helped influence her faith, always gave her advice and helped lead her in the right direction throughout her life.

“I tend to make decisions on what would allow me to follow my values and what would suit me and help me grow in my faith. So, I knew Briar Cliff would be a good place for me,” said Warnke.

To be eligible to receive the Bishop’s Scholarship, the student must be in the top 50 percent of their class and have a GPA of 3.25 or higher. They also need to get an ACT score of 24 or higher (equivalent SAT of 1100 or higher).

Students must also be a member of a parish within the Diocese of Sioux City and have the support of their pastor.

In addition to showing a dedication to education, the scholarship requires the recipients to show an active faith life, strong work ethic, a background in community activities, and the ability to demonstrate leadership.

The recipients are eligible for a four-year award if they maintain a 3.0 GPA while attending Briar Cliff. The scholarship increases annually beginning with a freshmen award of $5,000, sophomore award of $5,500, junior award of $6,500 and a senior award of $8,000.

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