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2011 DAA GIVING AHEAD OF PREVIOUS YEARS’ DONATIONS: Average Gift Per Household On The Rise

The 2011 Diocesan Annual Appeal is projecting to collect more donations during September and October of this year compared to the same timeframe in 2010. Additionally, the average gift per household seems to be increasing as well.

“Our Finance Department has been working diligently over the past several weeks to count and sort the thousands of contributions that have come in so far,” said Heather Marreel, Development & Marketing Coordinator for the Diocese of Sioux City. “There have been nearly 8,000 individual donations sent to our office since DAA began in September. You can imagine the time it takes to calculate and tally each of those submissions.”

As of Oct. 31, over $945,000 had been contributed to the 2011 DAA Campaign. Last year at this time total contributions were around $925,000.

“Our goal this year was to market DAA in a way that makes it seem ‘tangible’ to parishioners no matter where they live in the Diocese,” said Marreel. “It’s heartening to see people responding to our messages.”

The average gift per donor to the 2011 DAA is slightly more than $100. Last year the average was closer to $97. “Many people are benefiting from the ministries and services provided by DAA,” said Marreel. “Sometimes they may not realize it. We’re hoping to change that.”

Donations through the Diocesan website continue to increase as well. As of Oct. 31, over 300 people had given their DAA donation online combining for over $53,000 so far. “This is the first year this option has been made available for our donors and we are blown away by their response,” said Marreel.

During the month of November, many pastors at local parishes will send out their own personalized mailing encouraging donations to DAA. Marreel hopes many will heed their call and continue sending in donations.

“The pastor within a local parish can really tell the story of how DAA benefits their community. They certainly help make that connection between the local parish and the Diocesan offices in Sioux City.”

For more information about the Diocesan Annual Appeal or to make your donation online, please visit

If you would like a representative from the Communications Office to speak to your group about the Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA), please call (712) 233-7556 or e-mail

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